Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section is designed to assist you with issues that occur throughout the tax season. Simply click a topic on the left sidebar. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to call our office at 952.929.7990.

General Office Questions


When is your office open?

During the tax season (February 1st through April 15th)

  • 8:30 a.m. to 5:00-7:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, varies.
  • The front desk is staffed from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. M-F,9:30-2:00 Saturdays.
  • The front door to our building locks at 7:00 p.m. on weekdays, and early afternoon on Saturdays. On Sundays, the front door to our building is locked all day.

After the tax season (approximately May 1st thru February 1st)

  • 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Tuesday thru Fridays.
  • Front Desk is staffed from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday, this is best time to stop by.
  • The office is closed Mondays, and weekends.
  • It is always best to check in before stopping by outside of the 9-2 front desk time. As we are a small office, vacations, holidays and sick days can leave the office closed unexpectedly.

You told me I should file an extension, why, and what does that mean?

I have been leaving messages during tax season and sometimes have trouble getting through. What is the problem?
During tax season we have many appointments during the day, as late as 8:00 p.m. Later in the evening, after 8:00 p.m., we are available to return messages. Sundays are a good time to contact us during the busy tax season.

I need an additional copy of my tax returns. How do I go about getting this?

We need a signed authorization form to send a copy of a tax return to anyone other than our client. The forms for this are available on our “Forms” page. You may sign the form and fax/scan it back to our office and we can then release the information. If you need another copy sent to you directly we can do this without the authorization. There is a minimum charge of $25 for furnishing you with an additional paper copy of your tax return.

I can’t open the digital copy of my tax return from your office, what is the password?

The password to open the digital copy is your social security number, entered with no dashes. If you filed a joint return, it is the social security number of the person listed first on the tax return.

How long do documents stay out on the portal?

The Client Portal is mainly for the secure transfer of documents between the office and you. All documents are given an “auto delete” date. Client copy of returns usually expire on the following year due date.

Status of Refunds

I have not received my refund yet. How can I find out the status of my refund?

    1. Check to be sure you have returned the signed e-file authorization form to our office. If you have not yet returned the form, please do so as soon as possible.
    2. Review the filing instructions included in your tax packet to verify the account used for direct deposit of your refund. Check the bank account carefully for any refund activity from the IRS or the state. Banks do not notify you when a deposit has been made to your account.
    3. Both the IRS and State of Minnesota have web sites to help you determine the status of your tax return and refunds. To check refund status, you will need your social security number and the adjusted gross income shown on your tax return.

For the status of your Federal Refund: CLICK HERE

For the status of your Minnesota Refund (Income or Property): CLICK HERE

  1. If the IRS or Minnesota Revenue has no record of your return, contact our office immediately.
  2. Other states – most states have areas on their respective state websites that allow taxpayers to check on their refunds.
  3. Please note: Once we receive an acceptance confirmation for your tax return, we are not notified of any further actions regarding your refund. It is important that you review your filing instructions and bank account activity before we can assist you further.
e-Filing - What you need to know

Do I need to sign anything to e-file my individual income tax return?
Yes, you will need to sign an authorization form before we are able to electronically file (e-file) your return. We will include the required e-file authorization forms in your completed tax packet.

As soon as you receive your completed tax packet in the mail, please review your return and sign the e-file authorization form.

How can I return the signed e-file authorization form to your office?
You may:

Bring it to our office

Mail it to us at :
Jacobson & Young
6600 France Avenue So. #204
Edina, MN 55435

Fax it to us at:

Send it as an e-mail attachment to:

Do both the taxpayer and spouse need to sign the e-file authorization form on a married filing joint return?
Yes, the IRS requires that both of you sign the authorization form.

Should I sign the form even if I have questions about my return?
No. When you sign the e-file authorization form, you are authorizing us to electronically file your tax return as is. If you have questions about your return, first contact our office. We will answer your questions and if necessary, send you a corrected e-file authorization form, if necessary.

Do I need to return the original e-file authorization form, or may I send a copy?
You may send a copy.

What do you do with the authorization form? Is it mailed to the IRS?
The form is not mailed to the IRS. We are required to hold these authorization forms in our office for a minimum of three years.

Do I need to send a new e-file authorization form each year?

If I owe with my tax return, when should I return the e-file authorization form?

As soon as possible. We can file the return prior to the due date. In fact, we do this in almost all cases. You then send your balance due payment any time up to the due date.



I received an e-mail notice from the IRS or a state agency. What should I do?
Delete the e-mail. Do not open attachments or go to any links. The IRS and state agencies do not communicate through e-mail. There are MANY scams out there regarding false notices sent by e-mail. Please feel free to contact our office if you are unsure about a notice.

I just received a notice from the IRS or state revenue office in the mail. What should I do?
Send us a copy of the notice as soon as possible. Most notices give up to 30 days to respond and we want to begin assisting you as soon as possible. You can mail it, fax it or send it as an e-mail attachment. The IRS usually sends two copies of everything. We only need to see one copy and you may keep the other for your records. We will look at the notice and pull your file for review.

If you do not hear from us within a few days, please contact our office.

Why did I receive a notice?
Most notices are computer-generated resulting from matching the information you have reported with the information provided by an employer, investment firm, state revenue office, etc.

Most notices have to do with:

-Investment income
-Estimated tax payments
-Dependents (for example, two people claiming the same dependent)
-Missing forms
-Underpayment of tax penalty
-Late payment of tax penalty

Notices are very common. Send the notice to our office as soon as you receive it, and we will assist you.

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